Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Yankees Tickets at Full Price (Village Voice news blog)

More on the Great Yankees Ticket Kerfuffle:

Give the Yanks credit for trying: It may not have pushed A-Roid off the front pages, but Ticketgate is certainly starting to give him a run for his money. More tales of fan woe keep emerging, with the Times’ Richard Sandomir dumping out a bucketload of sob stories on Saturday.

Team COO Lonn Trost’s response has essentially can i buy propranolol online been “RTFM,” but recent days have revealed some undocumented features. First off was Trost disclosing to WFAN’s Mike Francesca that the stadium’s 1,886 standing-room tickets will go for “around $20” a pop — and that holders of $12 bleacher seats will for the first time be free to roam about the stadium at will… [read more]

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