New for December

Last month saw me devoting more column-inches (what would be the web equivalent, column-pixels?) to the two stories that no one can get enough of: Major League Baseball's attempts to shake down Washington, D.C. for hundreds of millions of dollars in stadium money (Baseball Prospectus, subscribers only), and the New York Jets' attempts to shake down New York City for hundreds of millions of dollars in stadium money (Village Voice, free). Expect more from me on both of these in the near future: I'm currently writing on the D.C. situation for the winter issue of Elysian Fields Quarterly, and the seemingly endless New York situation is due to heat up after the new year, with actual city council votes and everything.

In less happy news, I've made the decision to shut down HERE magazine after six years of operation. The short version of the story is that it was simply taking too much time for diminishing returns - the long version would involve a rant about the unexpected effects of new technology and the demise of Factsheet Five and our ad-driven media culture, but never mind that for now. Suffice to say that I'm extremely proud of the work that we did put out over the years (the archives will remain available indefinitely), and extremely grateful for all those who contributed their words, their time, and their encouragement. Check in here for updates on future projects by myself and other HERE contributors, now that we have all this free time on our hands.

Coming next month: A whole new year!

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