New for April

Overheard said by a pre-teen in Prospect Park yesterday: "Can water have an expiration date?"

I hope monthly website updates can't, because as I type this, April is already almost halfway over. Blame those nefarious "other projects" - you can expect to see the fruits of all this labor in future issues of Extra! and Elysian Fields Quarterly.

My once-a-month-or-so contributorship to Baseball Prospectus keeps chugging along: Last month, it was an article on the sweetheart deal that MLB commissioner Bud Selig had offered to Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos for putting up with the Washington Nationals moving in down the block. (The final deal didn't turn out quite as badly for MLB, something I addressed in a news item.) BP also finally got around to giving me my own e-mail address, so you can now reach me at ndemause(at), if that floats your boat more than my usual address. It all ends up in the same stomach, so no difference to me.

I'm also excited to report that I just finished editing the page proofs for my chapter in the Giuliani book, which contrary to Soft Skull's website will most likely be out around June. I'm honored to be among a great group of writers here, including Jimmy Breslin, Luc Sante, Jim Dwyer and a whole host of others - it's both exciting and humbling to see my name on the author bios page sandwiched between two Pulitzer Prize winners.

Finally, I was happy to sit for an interview with Charles Star of Stay Free magazine (their website is not, I was just chagrined to discover, here) that will appear in an upcoming issue. Stay Free, if you haven't seen it, is an absolutely brilliant critique/sendup of the media/advertising culture - the year they sent someone to the kids' advertisement awards dressed as "Goldie the Friendly Marketing Weasel" was priceless. Order a subscription now, and be guaranteed of getting the issue with my interview in it.

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