About Neil

Neil deMause is a book, magazine, and newspaper journalist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is currently a contributing editor to City Limits, a regular writer and editor for the Village Voice, and a frequent contributor to Extra!, Slate, and numerous other publications; past positions include a two-year stint as op-ed columnist for Metro New York and a six-year run as a question writer for Trivial Pursuit.

Neil’s book “Field of Schemes” (co-authored with Joanna Cagan) was re-issued in 2008 by University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books in a revised and expanded edition, and also boasts its own website. He has also testified before Congress on the politics and financing of sports stadiums, has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio programs (ranging from ESPN to Democracy Now! to Jesse Ventura’s radio show), and is a regular guest lecturer at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’s sports journalism class.

Neil is available for writing assignments, editing jobs, and web design work. You can contact him about your projects here.