New for July

Well, that was quite a month: New York City was forced to abandon plans to build one stadium only to see two new stadium plans spring from the bloody stump; the Village Voice narrowly avoided a strike; and a helicopter crashed into the East River, prompting a copycat crash a few days later.

It was a busy month for your humble scribe as well, kicking off with the Baseball Prospectus chat that I already mentioned last month. From there, it on to covering the wreckage and rebirth of New York's Olympic bid - the rebirth part requiring a complete rewrite in the course of twelve hours - for the Village Voice, part of a cover-story package on New York's stadium shenanigans. As it turned out, of course, New York still didn't have much of a shot at hosting the Olympics, something I covered in a "Countdown to the Bid" segment for ESPN the Magazine - or so I'm told, anyway, not actually having seen a copy myself. (I guess their corporate mailroom must be overloaded with that "There Goes the Neighborhood" thing.)

Continuing my assault on Mount Byline was another Voice piece, this one on the redevelopment plans that might eat Coney Island. Or might not. It's really hard to predict Coney Island, though fire and charging people admission to see the charred ruins are always good bets.

July - as Bloodshot Records puts it, "the month where you have permission to blow up stuff," though in retrospect that may not have been the best choice of words - promises to be a busy month as well, with further investigation into New York's Stadium Plans That Won't Die, plus a look at the last-minute package of corporate subsidies that the New York state legislature rushed through in the final hours of its session. And this is the last month that I can plug the Giuliani book as "coming soon," since it's due out on the 24th; potential reviewers interested in review copies, e-mail me.

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