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The great thing about living in the 21st century is that you can go online and, in five minutes, find the best price for an item you want to order. The not-so-great thing is … Customer Service Chat Transcript, 12/4/2009


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We sincerely apologize for the long wait times today.

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A Customer Service Representative will be with you as soon as one becomes available.

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Thank you for your patience.

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We sincerely apologize for the long wait times today.

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Thank you for your patience.

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Hello my name is Vanna. How may I help you today?

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  4:10:01 PM

hi – I placed an order for a Canon XSi camera with lens, and the camera arrived, but no lens was included

  4:11:28 PM

order# is ——–, item # is N82E16830120262

  4:12:07 PM

I would be glad to assist you. Did the package appear to be tampered or opened when you receive it?

  4:12:24 PM

no, it was unopened – it’s clearly a box for a camera body only, not a kit

  4:12:41 PM

there’s nowhere for a lens to fit in the box

  4:13:03 PM

and no lens is listed on the box contents

  4:13:25 PM

the packing list specifies item# 30-120-262, though, which appears to be the kit with lens

  4:14:13 PM

May I have the serial number, model number, and the UPC code of your item?

  4:14:25 PM

sure, let me see…

  4:15:05 PM

on the UPC sticker are these numbers:

  4:15:13 PM


  4:15:22 PM

and (21)2170507684

  4:15:52 PM

on the UPC code printed on the box are: 2756B001[AA]

  4:15:59 PM

and 1380309607

  4:16:29 PM

those are the only numbers on the box

  4:18:05 PM

May I also have the model number?

  4:18:19 PM

where would I find that? on the camera itself?

  4:19:01 PM

the number printed on the camera (it doesn’t say if it’s the model #) is 2170507684

  4:19:19 PM

it also says "Canon DS126181"

  4:19:20 PM

Please check the retail box for the related information.

  4:19:35 PM

there is no model number on the retail box

  4:20:17 PM

I’m sorry if you don’t have a menu item to respond to that, but it’s the truth

  4:21:17 PM

Could you please offer me all the codes on the retail box and item except what you have offered?

  4:21:42 PM

let me look for a 4th time – one moment

  4:22:19 PM

there’s an unmarked number on the box flap: CZ2-4046

  4:22:31 PM

and another on the other flap: S0330909

  4:23:35 PM

other than the six numbers I already gave you, that’s it

  4:25:15 PM

Do you show EOS Rebel XSi?

  4:25:23 PM

yes, I do

  4:28:27 PM

Thank you for clearing the information. I have sent a request to our related department to look into this issue. Once we investigate the issue we will make any changes necessary in order to improve this situation. Once I get the response, I will immediat

  4:28:35 PM

Do you have the retail box and all the accessories? Also, can you please confirm your current shipping address?

  4:29:45 PM

the retail box is correct for a Canon EOS Rebel XSi body only, with the strap, charger, etc. it does not contain a lens

  4:30:18 PM

my shipping address is Neil deMause, ——–, Brooklyn, NY —–

  4:30:25 PM

the same place you shipped this to

  4:31:46 PM

Thank you for your information. In this case, I will issue a refund RMA for you. If the item is still needed, you will need to replace the item after the issue is resolved.

  4:32:00 PM

what does that mean?

  4:32:44 PM

if you mean that I have to ship this back, wait for you to receive it, and then order a new one, that is not acceptabe

  4:33:53 PM

Please note that we need the incorrect item back to avoid the mistake. I will issue a free shipping label for you to return the item. Would you like me to issue the RMA?

  4:34:23 PM

However, if you would like to keep the item, I can make an exception and issue a $25.00 for you. Which option would you like?

  4:34:41 PM

I would like you to resolve your mistake. Can you do that without me having to wait to receive the RMA, ship it back, and then have you receive it and process a new order?

  4:34:57 PM

the lens costs more than $25

  4:35:22 PM

you are offering either to force me to wait for an undisclosed amount of time for my item, or to accept less than you agreed to send me

  4:35:36 PM

how long will the return take to process?

  4:35:59 PM

I am sorry but you need to place a new order by yourself if you still need it. We can’t issue a replacement for you to avoid you receiving same wrong item.

  4:36:36 PM

how can you guarantee I will receive the right item if I order it, but not if you replace it?

  4:37:11 PM

I will send an email to you after the issue is resolved.

  4:38:06 PM

I don’t understand you. Are you telling me I should now wait for an email?

  4:38:44 PM

or that you will email me after I receive an RMA? or what?

  4:39:52 PM

I will email me after our related department have corrected the problem.

  4:40:12 PM

email me, not you

  4:40:34 PM

I will receive response from our related department and email you.

  4:40:57 PM

so are you saying that there are now other options than the RMA or the $25?

  4:41:27 PM

or that you don’t know, and I should wait for an email with further information?

  4:42:50 PM

You can check with the manufacturer at 1-800-828-4040 to see if they can offer the lens for you.

  4:43:34 PM

okay – is there a ticket # or something that I should give them?

  4:44:47 PM

Please just offer them with the model number. If they can’t offer the part for you, please contact us back and we will issue a refund RMA for you.

  4:45:20 PM

okay, please hold

  4:45:57 PM

Please note that I can issue a refund RMA directly at this time and you can return the item back when the manufacturer can’t offer you the part.

  4:46:24 PM

okay, that sounds like a good idea. can you tell me what the RMA process is?

  4:47:08 PM

i.e., will it print a prepaid shipping label, does it have to be delivered via a certain courier, etc.?

  4:47:24 PM

I have issued you refund RMA# ——–. Please allow 5 – 10 minutes to receive your email confirmation with the return instructions. The RMA processing time is 2-5 business days from when the RMA is received by our RMA department, and additional 3-5 busin

  4:47:45 PM

Also, a second email will be sent to you within the next 24 hours with a prepaid UPS shipping label. Please print the label and tape it onto the outside of your returning package. This label does expire in 7 days, so please make sure you send this packag

  4:51:40 PM

So let me see if I have this straight: In 24 hours I’ll receive the shipping label. Then, since the next day is Sunday, I’ll wait until Monday to ship it. Then I wait three days (probably) for you to receive it. Then 2-5 days later the RMA gets processed.

  4:51:59 PM

Yes, you are right.

  4:52:21 PM

given that I ordered the item a week ago, that’s three weeks that New Egg will have had my money

  4:52:28 PM

I don’t suppose I get to charge you interest?

  4:53:30 PM

Well, thank you, I guess. If I don’t receive the RMA #, or have any other problems, is there a case # I should cite when I contact New Egg again? Or do I just give the original order #?

  4:55:12 PM

You are welcome. The chat session # is 1047038.

  4:55:16 PM

Was I able to resolve your issue or answer all your questions today?

  4:56:16 PM

Not really, but I don’t see that we’re going to get any further like this.

  4:57:05 PM

So good night. Or afternoon, or morning, or whatever it is where you are.

  4:57:14 PM

Thank you for contacting Newegg. I hope you have an eggcellent day!

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