New for November

October was a month for winners and losers: Winners included the Chicago White Sox and bird flu profiteers; among the losers were the Houston Astros, Harriet Miers, poor people who need to eat or receive medical care, and government accountability in the Bronx.

Okay, yeah, so I'm vamping here - I don't have any new articles to hype this month, so there's nothing to fill space except current events and random net humor. Perhaps this might be a good time to visit the massive archives of my previous writings, if you missed them to first time around? You might want to read my report on the dam that never was from Here magazine; or my essay on the still-all-to-relevant Peaceful Tomorrows book on 9/11 and its aftermath; or, if you're wondering where all those poor people went who were rediscovered after Hurricane Katrina, perhaps you'd be interested to note that this has happened before.

That should hold you over until I have a chance to get the byline machine back in gear, which I hope will happen later this month. For one thing, my promised Baseball Prospectus chat has been rescheduled for Monday, November 14, so I should write something for them soon so we have something to chat about. For another, I'm still hoping to crack the Village Voice table of contents in the next week or two, the Flying Spaghetti Monster willing.

And speaking of which - the Voice, not His Noodliness - may I be the first to say that I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

Enjoy your pan-fried noodle cake, and I'll see you next month.

Nagging Questions: "Thinking of You," Freakwater's first record in six years, is duly great and all, but whose idea was it to put all the very best songs at the very end of the CD? And is Cathy Ann Irwin really named after Woody Guthrie's dead daughter? What are film reviewers smoking that John Sayles' Sunshine State got raves while his Casa De Los Babys got panned? What does it say about me that I spend more time reading my favorite radio station's blog than I do listening to the station itself? What does it say about radio? Where's Processed World when you need it to help figure stuff like this out? Oh, wait - here it is.

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