March: The House That George Wrecked

If you’re not interested in the question of whether Yankee Stadium will be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, you might want to go read something else this
month, because it’s what took up most of my February, and is likely to occupy much of my March as well.

After economist Andrew Zimbalist rebutted my rebuttal of his New York Times op-ed calling a new Yankee Stadium the best thing
since Roy White knishes, I rebutted him back, and … but if you’re a Baseball Prospectus subscriber you’ve read all this already, and if you’re not, you can’t read it anyway, so enough about that. (You can get some of the high points at, though.) This month looks to be packed with hearings on the Yanks and Mets projects, with a city council vote possible as early as March 22; I’ll try to have something either in the Village Voice dead-tree edition or on its Power Plays blog by then, so stay tuned to those sites (as well as, of course, Field of Schemes).

In other news, America’s bookshelves are groaning in anticipation of the arrival of “Baseball Between the Numbers” from Baseball Prospectus and Basic Books, which includes my chapters “Do High Salaries Lead to High
Ticket Prices?” “Are New Stadiums a Good Deal?” and “Does Baseball Need a Salary Cap?” Official release date in March 6, but I’ve heard tell of it arriving in some lucky mailboxes already, so order it now from or or via your local bookstore. Bring it to a BP event in your area and you can even have it signed by the authors! (I’ll likely be at the Coliseum event, but getting there late, so be sure to hang around till the end if you want to meet me for some reason.)

I also have another BP
scheduled for Friday, March 17 at 1 pm Eastern (you can submit questions early if you like). And for all my homies in San Antonio, I’ll be on Ron Wiglesworth’s radio show at 2 pm Central time, on KAHL 1310 AM –
I’m sure we’ll have lots to say about this Marlins to Texas rumor…

And that’s it. Next month it’s baseball season, so maybe I’ll even have some non-baseball writing to tell you about. Seeya then.

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