Brickbats and Baseballs: Hey, Mets fan, spare a few dimes? (Village Voice)

The Mets mull selling bricks outside their new city-owned stadium. Guess who won’t be getting a share of the cash?

The Mets may be locked in a three-way battle for first place in the N.L. East, but don’t let it be said that they’re not looking to the future. Last week, the ball club sent out an online survey to “loyal Mets fans” (actually, anyone who had purchased seats via the Mets’ website) asking what they thought of a “new way to involve fans”: Engraved bricks with personalized messages that would be installed outside Citi Field when it opens in 2009. “As a Mets fan,” asked the single survey question, “would you consider purchasing a brick?”…[read more]