Left-field thoughts on steroids (Metro NY)

My latest Metro New York op-ed (at 400 words apiece, they’re really more op-aphorisms) takes a shot at digging beneath the surface of baseball’s steroid scandal, or at least coming up with some new topics of conversation aside from whether the Yankees’ World Series titles are “tainted” now that Chuck Knoblauch may have been air-mailing throws into the seats with a juiced right arm:

A few items that were largely missed amid the acres of newsprint devoted to baseball’s latest steroid mess:

Did anyone really expect that the big names in baseball’s drug report would be a couple of aging pitchers? The steroid-abuser stereotype has always been that of an over-muscled batter, but the Mitchell report’s drift net snagged a lot of Ryan Franklins and Kent Merckers along with the Bondses and Cansecos… [read more]