One tax rebate is quite simple to cash in on (Metro NY)

After a week off, I’m back in Metro today with a look at New York City’s best-kept secret for tax day:

With tax day coming up tomorrow, Judith Rubinstein is a bundle of energy, spreading the word about the tax rebate no one knows about. Called the city school tax credit, it’s an offshoot of the state’s STAR property-tax rebate. (It also has nothing to do with schools — welcome to Albany logic.) “When you do your taxes, there’s a box that asks, ‘Did you live in New York City for the last 12 months?’” explains Rubinstein, director of Connecting To Advantages. That’s the only requirement. “It’s the one stupid refund that you can get even if you don’t do the full tax form.”… [read more]

Also, as a special bonus for the text-messaging generation, I now offer the same article in haiku form:

Tax credit for all
Nobody knows about it
Bloomberg hates poor folk