City forcing its will upon Coney Island (Metro NY)

Another not-entirely-accurate headline by the crack editorial team at Metro NY – the issue with Coney Island is that the city is letting developers’ will take precedence over its own, which is symptomatic of a deeper problem:

Over the past week, details have begun to trickle out about the city’s revised vision for Coney Island — and if you prefer roller coasters to Chuck E. Cheese, you’re likely to be disappointed. Under the latest rezoning plan, the proposed “amusement district” would be trimmed to a 9-acre strip along the boardwalk (down from 15 acres in the city’s previous plan), while much of the stretch from Nathan’s to the Cyclone would be filled with stores and hotel towers.

The reason, explained city officials: Local landowners (read: developer Thor Equities, which has bought up much of Coney Island in hopes of building condos) wouldn’t go along with the original plan… [read more]

Or you can just read today’s Dilbert, which makes the same point in fewer words.