Hitting the big time

Two brushes with media greatness for me today:

  • I’m quoted in today’s New York Times, on page B5, in an article on the luxury suite that New York City officials are getting for their own use at the new Yankees stadium. The article is online here, but for some reason the section I’m quoted in doesn’t appear online; for those not in reach of a New York newsstand, my deathless words are: “Is [city council speaker] Chris Quinn going to be able to hand out tickets to people who vote the way she likes?”
  • ESPN’s “E:60” is scheduled to run a segment tonight (7 pm Eastern) about the Yanks’ stadium controversy, for which I was interviewed. If I end up on the cutting-room floor for that one as well, I’ll, um, post a YouTube clip of me talking about stadiums or something.

UPDATE: I was indeed cut from the “E:60” segment. I’ll get working on my lip-syncing to Rick Astley.