Lasting Yankee Stadium Memory #41 (Bronx Banter)

Alex Belth of the excellent baseball blog Bronx Banter has been asking various writers for their favorite memories of Yankee Stadium, now that the big ballyard in the Bronx has a debt with the wrecking ball. (Metaphorically speaking – it will actually be dismantled sans balls.) My contribution appears today, skipping over some more historic options for a weekend in 1985 that sticks with me as why the Stadium was special:

Of the five hundred or so games I’ve seen at Yankee Stadium, a fair number would probably qualify as “historic”: The Pine Tar Game. The Jeffrey Maier Game. Don Mattingly’s first postseason appearance. Jimmy Leyritz’ game-winning 15th-inning homer in the 1995 ALDS, presaging his more famous game-winning 8th-inning homer in the World Series the following year. Game 6 of the 1996 World Series, which ended with Charlie Hayes’ catch in foul ground and Wade Boggs atop a police horse… [read more]