The Yanks on Trial: Liveblogging the Kucinich Hearings (Village Voice news blog)

Congressman Dennis Kucinich finally got New York City and Yankees officials to testify before his subcommittee investigating the Yanks’ stadium deal today, and I liveblogged the proceedings. Relive the excitement now!

9:01 am: An hour to go, and Seth Pinsky’s testimony just arrived over the email transom. After much lengthy back-patting (“The benefits of this project have been validated in one of the most thorough and transparent approval processes in the history of New York City, New York State, and likely the nation”), Pinsky finally gets to the point of today’s hearing: Those wildly divergent land assessments for the parkland now buried under the Yanks’ new grandstand.

His explanation: The higher figure ($175 million) assessed the value of the land once a stadium was built on it; the lower one ($21 million) the value if low-income housing were built there… [read more]