Pinsky Says New Yankee Stadium “A Home Run”; We Cry Foul (Village Voice news blog)

New York City development honcho Seth Pinsky issued the city’s latest defense of the Yankees stadium project yesterday; I fact-check him today:

After getting smacked around by Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Friday (that’s gotta sting), city Economic Development Corporation president Seth Pinsky penned a Daily News op-ed yesterday to “set the record straight” on the Yankees stadium project. The Big Bronx Dig, asserted Pinsky, is a “home run” that offers “staggering” benefits to the public, including 6,000 new construction jobs, 1,000 permanent jobs, new parking garages and a Metro-North station, and $40 million in new tax revenue. “Nobody in his or her right mind,” wrote Pinsky, “would criticize these benefits.”… [read more]