Economy to Stall Fremont A’s Plans? (Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered)

My analysis of statements by the Oakland A’s owner that he plans to move ahead with a new stadium in Fremont, even though his financing plan has pretty much collapsed with the housing market:

Matt Holliday had better love Mount Davis: The San Jose Mercury News reports this morning that the ongoing economic cataclysm could put the kibosh on the Oakland A’s plans for a new stadium in Fremont, at least for now.

As I reported for BP last year, A’s owner Lew Wolff’s plan for a 30,000-seat stadium in the East Bay city of Fremont relied on a complicated land-for-stadium swap: Essentially, Wolff would get the right to develop land around the ballpark as condos, and use the proceeds to pay off his $400-million-or-so stadium bill… [read more]