Marlins Park to Wait Till 2012 (Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered)

The Florida Marlins put off their new stadium for a year, after previously saying that they couldn’t wait another second, as they were being evicted:

It’s hard to get too excited about given that the thing was originally supposed to open during the McKinley Administration, but the Florida Marlins have officially announced that their new stadium will open in 2012, not 2011 as previously reported. Marlins president and chief protester-too-much David Samson placed the blame squarely on former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman, whose lawsuit against the stadium funding plan – Braman was displeased that urban redevelopment money was being redirected to free up stadium funds without a public vote, among other things – took up most of 2008 before being dismissed last week: “This is because of Braman. It’s not because of the economy. It’s not because of any issues with the [final] documents. It’s not because of any of that.”… [read more]