Yanks Give Ticket Plan Holder the Pole (Village Voice news blog)

With the opening of the new Yankees stadium just weeks away, there’s growing discontent among fans about where the team expects them to sit this year, and how much they’re being asked to pay. I take a look at one especially egregious tale experienced by my friend and colleague Jay Jaffe, and speculate about what this could mean for the future of sports in the worsening economy:

Now that the city has finished throwing money at the new Yankees and Mets stadiums, fans can settle in for the next debate: What will the House That The David Ortiz Jersey Defiled and Bankrupt Bank Field actually be like as places to, you know, see ballgames?

For my Baseball Prospectus colleague (and creator of the old-school blog Futility Infielder) Jay Jaffe, the answer came this weekend, and it wasn’t pretty… [read more]