Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Yankees Tickets at Full Price (Village Voice news blog)

More on the Great Yankees Ticket Kerfuffle:

Give the Yanks credit for trying: It may not have pushed A-Roid off the front pages, but Ticketgate is certainly starting to give him a run for his money. More tales of fan woe keep emerging, with the Times’ Richard Sandomir dumping out a bucketload of sob stories on Saturday.

Team COO Lonn Trost’s response has essentially been “RTFM,” but recent days have revealed some undocumented features. First off was Trost disclosing to WFAN’s Mike Francesca that the stadium’s 1,886 standing-room tickets will go for “around $20” a pop — and that holders of $12 bleacher seats will for the first time be free to roam about the stadium at will… [read more]