The solution to Yanks’ troubles (Metro NY)

So while up in the Bronx the other day, I was looking at the Yankees’ side-by-side old and new stadiums, and realized one needed to go soon to make way for public parks to replace those destroyed by the new construction. Then it occurred to me…

This whole building a new stadium thing just isn’t going the way Yankees execs had planned it. Instead of celebrating the opening of the $1.3 billion palace this has turned into the winter of the Yanks’ discontent.

First, the final season of the old Yankee Stadium was ruined when the team missed the playoffs. Then, Assembly member Richard Brodsky spoiled team officials’ offseason by continually subpoenaing them about what he called “Soviet-style” tactics in getting city money for the project…. [read more]

NOTE: This op-ed got sliced by about 20% as part of Metro’s continuing efforts to be sensitive to those with limited attention spans. You can read the original version here.

Also, Metro did a web redesign, so it’s only the headline that makes it look like I’m going to be filling in at third base for A-Rod.