Yanks Tear Up Outfield — and Not Just By Releasing Bobby Abreu (Village Voice news blog)

The Yankees have started removing the turf from their old stadium — could demolishing the House That Ruth Built itself be imminent?

The long wait in the Bronx may be close to an ending: A WCBS radio news helicopter flew over Yankee Stadium (the real one) yesterday and snapped photos of the outfield turf starting to be peeled off and removed. Will an actual wrecking ball be soon to follow?

If so, it will be sad news for fans of baseball history — Yankee Stadium currently ranks as the 3rd oldest ballpark in existence, and is 7th oldest even if you count from its 1976 reconstruction — but good news for Bronx residents, who have been waiting impatiently for the new parks that are supposed to replace the stadium once it comes down… [read more]