Yankee Stadium Death Watch: Day 331 (Village Voice news blog)

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the demolition of Macombs Dam Park to make way for the Yankees’ new stadium, and work on replacement parks is still far off in the distance:

As anyone who’s been to a game at Fake Yankee Stadium lately can attest, the old home of the Bronx Bombers across the street remains relatively intact, nearly a year after its final game. The last of the seats were sliced out in early June (taking care to preserve them for sale to any collectors willing to cough up $750 apiece), and demolition scaffolding went up later that month. Since then, though, all has been mostly quiet: Despite reports that the centerfield “black” seats would be carted off to Reggie Jackson’s estate by now, they were still intact as of Friday, as were the foul poles; even the bat-shaped weathervane atop the flagpole is still in operation… [read more]