Red Bull Arena Opens, Provides Jolt to Frozen Fans (Village Voice/Runnin’ Scared)

I went to a soccer game! Soccer match? Whatever, I went, and wrote about the experience and the New York Red Bulls’ new stadium (which is not, astute readers will notice, in New York):

The metro area’s soccer team named after an energy drink (the franchise is Red Bull New York, the team is the New York Red Bulls — if you think this is confusing, don’t even try to wrap your brain around the two competing Manchester Uniteds) held their first official league game at their brand-new stadium in Harrison, New Jersey, drawing a capacity crowd to the souffle by the Passaic. Your intrepid Voice reporter was on the scene, braving the frigid temperatures and a near-complete absence of familiarity with live soccer to see how the tristate’s latest new sports facility stacks up… [read more]