Cuomo, Paladino & Remedies For Our Ailing Economy (City Limits)

As part of City Limits’ series on what New York is getting itself in for with its next governor, I look at Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo’s job-development plans (but mostly Cuomo’s, because Paladino had to leave the story early to go to the bathroom):

If the seven-member comedy act that was the October 18 gubernatorial debate can be said to have had a serious message, it was likely this: It’s the jobs, stupid. Amid the prostitution jokes, one of the most pressing questions of the night was how New York’s next governor plans to address an economic future that looks, by anyone’s reckoning, bleak.

Neither Andrew Cuomo nor Carl Paladino returned multiple requests for comment, but both have issued statements or proposals that provide insight into their plans… [read more]