Will the A’s Ever Move to San Jose? (Baseball Prospectus)

My first biweekly (semiweekly? I can never remember which is which) column for Baseball Prospectus is up. The column is titled “Payoff Pitch,” and will cover all things baseball and economic; today’s is about the never-ending saga of the Oakland A’s attempts to move to San Jose, and why it may never end:

It has been almost a year since I last checked in here on the Oakland A’s long-running game of footsie with San Jose, where owner Lew Wolff has been dreaming of moving the franchise seemingly ever since he bought it in 2005. At the time, a three-man task force appointed by Bud Selig to decide the team’s future was entering its 12th month of deliberations. Selig promised that their report “will be coming in the near future.”

A’s fans will be forgiven for wondering if Selig meant a near future in geologic time… [read more]