Two, Three, Many Wild Cards! (Baseball Prospectus)

This week at Baseball Prospectus, I take a look at Bud Selig’s plans to add extra wild-card teams, and whether this will make baseball’s postseason any fairer, and its regular season any more meaningful:

Somewhere among the piles of spiral-bound notebooks stacked in my closet lies a short-lived diary titled “The Last Pennant Race.” It recounts the day-by-day events of the last two months of the 1993 Yankees season, of which pretty much all I can remember is, first, that the Yankees managed to tie the eventual champion Blue Jays for first place roughly three dozen times, but never managed to take the lead on their own, and second, that in one late-season game, Don Mattingly, presaging the Jeffrey Maier incident by three years, got credit for a key home run despite it being caught by a fan leaning so far into the field of play that he could have shaken hands with the second baseman… [read more]