Who Wants to Be the Next Mets Owners? (Village Voice/Runnin’ Scared)

The New York Post has revealed what it claims are the front-runners to buy a share of the New York Mets, but doesn’t tell us anything interesting about them. Armed with Google, I set out to rectify this:

This morning’s New York Post made it a lot easier to set up your office “Who’s going to end up owning the Mets once the Wilpons have to repay their Madoff money?” pool, by running a helpful list of rich guys who, it claims, are in the running to buy at least a share of the Amazin’s. Less helpfully, they’re all a bunch of upper-mid-level Wall Street guys you’ve probably never heard of unless you go in for Goldman/Citi slash fic.

So, in the interest of informed gossip, Runnin’ Scared herewith provides your crib sheet to the guys who may or may not be sharing the Citi Field owners’ box in coming seasons… [read more]