Plenty of Good Seats Still Available (Slate)

I’ve blogged a bit about the sports ticket bubble, but haven’t had the space to sink my teeth into the question of whether ticket prices are continuing to deflate, and if so what that will mean for the sports industry. Until now:

A few months ago, it seemed like Major League Baseball was in the throes of a ticket apocalypse. Through the first two weeks of the season, six teams had set all-time single-game lows at their current homes. The surprising Cleveland Indians led the American League Central in the standings, but remained in the cellar at the turnstiles. The New York Yankees, whose ultrapricey new stadium has been beset by empty seats since it opened in 2009, hosted record-low crowds for four games in a row. It was as if fans, having quietly absorbed more than a decade of price hikes and the advent of $9 beers, had spontaneously decided to go on strike…. [read more]