Yanks Are Dead, New York Economy Doesn’t Give a Crap (Village Voice/Runnin’ Scared)

Now that the Yankees have been bounced from the playoffs, does this mean New York City is missing out on a postseason economic windfall? Naaaaaah:

​Now that the baseball season for Yankee fans comes down to what-ifs (Why couldn’t Joaquin Benoit have thrown that last pitch just three feet higher?), it seems like adding insult to injury to suggest that a suddenly postseason-free October could batter New York’s fragile economy as well.

Yet that’s the upshot of a report by the New York City Economic Development Commission that, as noted in yesterday’s Daily News, projected that each ALCS home game played at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Yankee Stadium would bring in $12.6 million to the local economy. World Series games came in at $20 million a pop, said the study — which would mean that A-Rod’s feeble hacks last night helped cost the city as much as $110 million… [read more]