This Is Fine | Village Voice

When some American (almost always) man (even more almost always) takes a gun and shoots and kills a large number of strangers, there are several ways we can react. We can ignore it entirely, which is how we tend to address the vast majority of mass shootings that take place almost daily now. Or we can try to make sense of it, and consider how deaths like these could be avoided in the future:

Or we could just cry, a lot. Which doesn’t help solve America’s sickness of male mass gun violence, but then writing about all the ways our nation could begin to fix it but refuses to doesn’t seem to have done much either. There’s always hope that one more essay, one more impassioned argument, will begin to turn that tide. But until then, there’s nothing to do but mourn, not just for the latest round of dead children and grieving families, but for a nation that has apparently decided that this is fine.