Game 11: 78 Steckel 12, Green Blueberries 7

There will not be a complete recap of tonight’s game, except to say that we still made too many defensive errors (not as many as yesterday, but still too many), and that we had one runner thrown out foolishly trying to go from first to third on a single to left, and two runners picked off second base in an inning when advancing to third would have gained nothing, allowing Steckel to get out of the inning despite only getting one batter out. There were some highlights to the game as well, but honestly I don’t think anyone wanted to remember them, or anything from this evening, when it was done. 78 Steckel 12, deMause 7

Shiffman has canceled for our game Wednesday, so I’m trying to see if SFX Mezzo-Lui can make up our earlier rainout then instead. If the game is on, I can be in the park Wednesday at 5 pm for some much-needed fielding practice — but given that I’d have to leave work early, I’m only going to do so if I get at least four players confirming that they can be there as well. (Today I showed up in the park at 5 pm, and sat on a pristine, empty field for 20-30 minutes before any players showed up. Which was fine — it was a nice day, and I was off today anyway — but I’m not going to risk a repeat on Wednesday.)
Everyone get some rest tomorrow, and we’ll either reconvene this Wednesday or next Wednesday — watch this space for details of which one.