Don’t Build Angry (Baseball Prospectus)

To go along with my essay in Baseball Prospectus 2009 – now in stores, and available via the interweb – I provide some updates on the latest in baseball stadium goings-on (subscribers-only, sorry):

If you’ve received your brand-new copy of Baseball Prospectus 2009 this week, you’ll have found an essay by yours truly on teams’ plans for new stadiums. It’s a piece that I filed back in simpler times known as “January,” when we still shopped at Circuit City, the president was some former Texas Rangers owner, and A-Rod was only reviled in the press for his relationship with Madonna. The basics that are laid out in BP2K9 are still accurate, as the Marlins, A’s, and Rays are all pushing for new homes, with the Marlins way in the lead; the Mets and Yankees, meanwhile, are preparing to open their new stadiums amid controversy over who’s paying the $2.7 billion bill. Since then, though, there have been a few unexpected twists… [read more]