Kicking the middle class (Metro NY)

After a three-week hiatus, I make my return to the Metro op-ed page with a discussion of how a poorly thought out rent law is forcing people out of their homes:

On a recent trip to my local coffee shop, I had an unexpectedly long wait for my chai. The reason: The woman ahead of me on line was bawling, gasping out her story to the sympathetic barista. She’d just been told, she sobbed, that her landlord was unexpectedly raising her rent, and she and her family were being evicted. The woman behind me chimed in: The exact same thing had happened to her a few months ago, she said… [read more]

NOTE: I’ll be appearing in Metro every other Monday from now on, as a weekly filing deadline was proving too much amid all my other projects. Also, I see that Metro has finally redesigned its website, albeit in a way that now all that appears above the fold is a giant picture of my head. Baby steps, I guess…