Game 12: Legal Weed 24, 78 Lieber 3

I hope no one minds if I skip the usual blow-by-blow recap of today’s game vs. 78 Lieber (nickname: Chico’s Bail Bonds, “because we have yellow uniforms like the Bad News Bears and play like them too”), as we have a doubleheader coming up tomorrow morning and anyway there were just so many blows. We jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead in the 1st on a couple of walks, a line single to center by Taylor, a bloop single by Roan, and a two-run single that Dylan pulled through the left side of the infield; Ben M pitched one inning as an opener, giving up one run but working out of a bases-loaded one-out jam by striking out two batters in a row. We got two more runs in the 2nd, and then a ridiculous nine in the 3rd and ten more in the 4th: Highlights included a long two-run triple to left-center by Ryan, a hit through the left side by Sam that skipped past the left fielder and kept rolling while he circled the bases (the official scorer is still mulling whether this was a home run or a single and error), and a legit three-run homer to left-center by Yates, while Jordan N reached base five times and scored four runs, and Roan went four-for-four with a walk. Yates pitched three innings, giving up two early runs on an RBI groundout and a passed ball that bounced off the umpire and into the dugout, then shutting down the Lieber bats after that, with the help of some nifty fielding including a double play on a line drive that shortstop Sam plucked out of the air and threw to first to double off the runner. And after four innings, we ran out of time, and we went home while Lieber prepared for their 4:45 game against Shiffman. Legal Weed 24, 78 Lieber 3

Game times 8:45 am and 10:45 am tomorrow, Field 3, vs SFX Wilson, who had a 5-3 record at last count. It shouldn’t be quite as stultifyingly hot tomorrow in the morning; I’ll be there by 8 am so we can get a little pregame practice in.